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Securing Your Business

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Through effective business partnering we aim to provide you with more certainity, and assurance in the security of your IT systems. Our team of specialists at Its Secure, and our partner company Its Simplicity, will work with you on areas such as:


Securing Your Business - Services

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IT Data and Security Audits

Through consultation, we can carry out a systematic evaluation of the security of your company's data and information systems, by measuring how well it conforms to a well established criteria. Typically we will assess your system security, software, information handling processes, as well as user practices.

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Threat Management Devices

Many of our clients are now using threat management devices from advanced firewalling through to sandboxing.  Talk to us about how these can protect your company.

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Home and Mobile Working

Creating a suitable policy for your company that covers IT security when your employees are working remotely or on the move.

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Phishing Tests

Find out which of your employees are prone to click on links in emails that could potentially be from a malicious source, and provide them with enhanced training and support to help them understand the potential risks.

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Tailored Formal Cyber Security Policies

Our team will review your current IT documentation and make recommendations for bringing it in-line with current cyber security best practice.

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Secure Configuration

Greatly improve the security of your company's systems by working with us to develop a strategy for secure configuration.

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Malware Protection

We can provide advanced cloud based protection systems with real time reporting. 

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Monitioring of user activity and regular health checks to help indentify cyber risks to your company, and also realtime network reporting, failed login attempts, password lockouts, etc.

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Removable Media Controls

Creating a suitable policy for your company that covers what can be stored on removable devices, and adding security measures to control the use of these types of device.

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Tailored Security Awareness Training

Working with you, we will design tailored employee training packages with the aim to ensure your business is at less risk of being compromised from a security breach.  This can be all employee training, induction modules, and ongoing education.  If required, we can design IT & Data Security competencies, and carry out an IT & Data security training needs analysis.


We can also help with:

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cloud Hosting


Our specialist team carefully keep up-to-date with any changes in legislation relating to the IT security sector.  Speak to our team if you would like some IT Security guidance on this.


Its Simplicity & Its Secure - The complete solution to all your IT needs.